Pezzetti Luxexpress Stovetop Coffee Maker 6 Cup

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Simple to use stove-top moka espresso coffee maker from Pezzetti. Prepare traditional Italian espresso in your home or office. You will be enjoying beautifully brewed and fully flavoured, aromatic coffee in just a few minutes. Beautiful and sturdy aluminum construction, this moka stove espresso machine is a made-in-Italy classic and the classics never go out of style!. Made in Italy


Capacity - 6 cup/360ml
Spout - The drop free effect is ensured by special shape of the spout and the internal rim of of the lid that retains the steam.
Filter and Seal - The silicone seal provides a better sealing to maintain aromas with no dispersion.
Base - Thicker walls guarantee the safety of the product and better tasting coffee.
Handle - The finger safe design of the handle prevents contact with the hot metal.
Finish - Glossy finish effect thanks to high quality polishing.
Made from high quality Aluminium.
Not suitable for induction cooktops.
Hand wash only.
Made in Italy.
Replacement seals and filters are available separately.