About Us

This is a tale fit for a port-city-provedore. Adventures on the ocean, life and love in exotic ports and eventually a journey home to where it all began; Fremantle, Western Australia. 

1983 is one of those years that most sandgropers (West Aussies) can recall as a time of particular excitement in WA. It was a time when millions of eyes from around the world suddenly looked to the most isolated city on the planet. Perth was home to the underdog winners of the America’s Cup in Rhode Island New York - and they were bringing the cup to Fremantle. 

Among the big names at the time, like Alan Bond, John Bertrand, Australia II and Prime Minister Bob Hawke, was a young, handsome bowman - Scott McAllister, the one day owner and operator of The Home Provedore and the love of my life. 

Scott dedicated a great deal of his life to sailing, oceans and port towns, travelling with me, his partner Kelly. We met and fell in love as next-door neighbours in Fremantle. I had just arrived back in WA from adventures in Japan and moved into my forever home right next door to Scott. 

Not long after we met Scott was enticed offshore once again and he invested me along. How could I refuse! So began our adventures around the world in Scott’s roles as Shore Manager for racing teams in the Whitbread and Volvo Round the World racing events. He went on to take stints based in Europe working for the Red Bull, Swedish America’s Cup Team in 2005.

Arriving home together from Spain in 2007, Scott and I turned to pursuits on dry land.

The Home Provedore was started by Kitchen Warehouse founder, John McCauley in 1989. The business has always been an icon in Fremantle’s retail market and when it came up for sale in 2009 it presented itself as an opportunity for Scott and me to build upon. It was close to home, family and the ocean. So, on Anzac Day 2009 we opened the doors on a new chapter. 

In the 11 years since then, The Home Provedore has built upon its reputation as one of Fremantle’s stalwart businesses. It’s become a passion for both of us, not just as a business, but as a connection to the community itself. 

Scott is the captain, running the day to day business while I help to research and shop for the products most chefs and cooks dream about. The Melbourne trade show is an annual highlight - it’s like shopping on steroids! 

We are very proud of the team we have here. As Scott says, “We are very lucky to have dedicated staff who love the shop as much as we do.” We have managed to create an outstanding environment here among people who are passionate when it comes to cooking, baking and entertaining.

The notable difference between The Home Provedore and its oversized alternatives is the essence of old-school community which permeates its 100-year-old floorboards. It’s got character and honesty and people appreciate that. 

Kitchens, cooking, creativity and family are the flavours we embody: it’s that bit extra we love to give to our customers.

Moving forward The Home Provedore is working to become more accessible to true lovers of food, but not at the expense of the intimacy and personal service we’ve built our reputation on. 

We hope you enjoy our collections and get to know us and our team. We look forward to serving you soon 

Scott and Kelly